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Pangani Beach

We have Pangani Tour which include historical monuments such as the original slave depot, with intact whipping posts and the slave market where Arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia, the Freedom Grounds, Islamic and German graves, ancient mosques, buildings from the German colonial period and traditional houses Pangani Town Tour allows one to see some of old buildings that are over 200 years old, as well as visits to a former slave labor camps and slave market site. Welcome To Tanzania welcome Pangani
Pangani used to be an important trading center during the colonial heydays, but today it is a sleepwy town which has witnessed little further development ever since. It has an attractive, utterly tropical location, on the north bank of the forest-fringed Pangani river, where the river meets the Indian Ocean. The beautiful and practically deserted beaches running north and south of the town rank as the best kept secret on the Tanzanian coast. Pangan is of about 55 km south of Tanga is the small Swahili outpost.

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