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Why us in Wildlife Safari

Walking Safari

Walk Safari

Walking safari is the ultimate safari experience as walking through the bush can be intense and unique. You will also come as close as possible to animals, you will meet them almost at eye level. Walking safaris in Africa were actually the traditional way of going on safari before the arrival of trucks and other vehicles and they are becoming popular again

Game Drivers

Walk Safari

Game drive is one of the most popular ways to see animals in their natural habitat. Driving in a custom built safari vehicle with a professional driver and/or guide, you will be searching wildlife and exploring the true african wilderness.

Air Balloon Safar

Serengeti balloons

Viewing african landscape from above is unforgettable experience. The balloon safari in Tanzania offers panoramic views of the awe inspiring landscape sights and possibility of taking very nice pictures of animals like cheetah, lions, leopard, elephants buffalo, hippo, cheetah, vultures, eagles, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, warthog, monkey, giraffe and many other

Canoe safari

Canoe Safari

Canoeing Safari is the ultimate in relaxing excitement to enjoy the astonishingly beautiful scenery. It is appropriate for guests who like to experience a different but easy Activity option and it is also good for guests who do not have plenty of time in the National park.

Bird watching

Bird Watching Safari

Lake Manyara National Park has over 300 bird species including Eurasian migrant birds, acacia associated birds, raptors, and 3 endangered Tanzanian species. Lake Manyara National Park and Lake Natron also offer great opportunities of Flamingo watching as they gather on the lake shore in flocks of ten thousands or even several

Cultural Safari

Serengeti balloons

Tanzania has more than 120 tribes and everyone has its culture. This makes a huge pot to pick what one wishes. As it's not possible to get into everyone's culture, those tribes that are in the route of your travel itinerary sounds great. We will incorporate that. You will enjoy it.

Night Drive Safaris

Night Drive Safaris

A night game drive is a special safari on which you will encounter nocturnal animals such as hippos, lions, leopards, genets, porcupines, civet cats, white-tailed mongoose, aardvarks and cape hares. Night game drive is one of the most popular and exciting activity on safari.

Due to the heat of the day, cheetahs prefer hunting at night, and that's why MeM Tours offers night game drives.


Serengeti Hotel

MeM tours take visitors to the best Hotels and lodges with high quality and offer the best services, while you here we will take care for you in a very good way. You will get what you want at the right and time right place.

Safari Vehicles

Serengeti balloons

MeM Tours uses Land Cruiser vehicles for our Safari. All of our safari vehicles are equipped with:Safari vehicle Either pop-up or flip-flop roof tops, Flora and fauna books, A pair of binoculars, Fire extinguishers, First aid kits, Cooling box, 2 spare tires, Radio calls/cell phones.