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Kidichi Persian Baths

Come join us on an amazing tour to Kidichi persian Bath Historical site, here you will see the changing room, bathing pool and massage tables, which were used by Sultan Seyyid Said wive's around 1850
The Persian Baths at Kidichi are located north east of Zanzibar Island in the main plantation area. Built in 1850 by Sultan Seyyid Said , it was for his wife who was the grand-daughter of the Shah of Persia, Fatah Ali, it is decorated in ornamental Persian stucco work. The remarkably preserved baths have a series of domed bathhouses with deep stone baths and massive seats. The bath-house was built so they could refresh themselves after the journey from town.

Today, you can enter the bath-house, and see the changing room, bathing pool and massage tables. Unfortunately, the bath-house has not been especially well maintained, and there is mould growing on much of the stucco. A colony of bats seems to have taken up residence here as well. At the top of the domed ceiling is a circle of small windows: these used to be stained glass, which cast patterns of coloured light over the white walls.

Kidichi Persian Baths Historical Site