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Hai Sun                 2015-07-27                 2015-07-27


MeM tours

There are many companies that will take you to Kili. MEM is one of the local companies in Moshi. It was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine. I contact them from the US without knowing any of them before hand. They have turned out to be trustworthy and met all my expectations above and beyond. My guide was Mahamud, who was very experienced and attentive. He was instrumental in helping me reach the summit. The climb to the summit was much harder than I have imagined. Although not technical, it was grueling. Most people begin after midnight so they can reach the summit before sunrise. At more than 16000 ft, I was out of breath even drinking water. My cameralback froze promptly. Mahamud even carried hot water for me to drink. He chose a very good pace for me and, with his encouragement, I reached the summit.

LOL, Ashley, thanks for sharing! I will have to get you a list of acabltcepe potty spots on Corridor X! There actually are some =)… Glad you had fun in Memphis~ Catherine Burnett

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