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Leona S                 2017-09-17                 2017-09-17

Fantastic experience!

MeM tours

I just returned from a trek with MEM Tours, and I could not be more pleased. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Mohammed was responsive and helpful in my email communications organizing the trip. Everything went smoothly from the moment we arrived in Tanzania. Our 7-day trek on the Lemosho route on Mount Kilimanjaro was fantastic. Mahamoud, Amani, Peter, Baraka, and the entire crew were amazing. We so enjoyed interacting with them and learning from them about the area. They took great care of us, and it was clear that they plan every detail to provide every opportunity for a successful summit. We (all 3 members of our hiking group) celebrated our arrival at the summit of Uhuru Peak at 5:40am on Friday, Sep 8. Upon our return from the mountain, Jackson guided us for 2.5 days of wildlife viewing in Ngorongoro Crater and in Tarangire National Park. We were so blessed by the number, variety, and proximity of animals viewed. Jackson is delightful company, and he provided so much knowledge regarding the geography, the culture, the animals, and the Swahili language. I wholeheartedly recommend MEM Tours. Nime furahia! Asante sana! Leona S (Colorado, USA)

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